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Final Performance

The music of "Passive Echoes" is reflective of its name sake. It shadows and mirrors time and events reminiscent of isolated situations and relationships of the near and distant past. These memories tend to reverberate or 'echo' cerebrally. Rarely do we consciously react or respond to this mental stimulus; rather we 'passively' embrace and accept it as the norm.

This is the essence and core of our name and music. Rather than ignore, 'Passive Echoes' musically nurtures and exploits these unannounced mental incursions from the past, musically documenting them. Thus, they are permitted to captivate not only the mind, but the heart, infecting them with the inspirational germ.

We have often longed to have a compilation of memoirs containing our parent’s innermost and honest thoughts, pictures of special moments, accomplishments and rewards, something that is impossible to possess now. Not wanting to deprive our offspring, I have seized this opportunity due to advancements in technology and extra time from my recent surgeries and rehabilitation to compile this record.

Though it is not written in strict chronological order, this will suffice as a keepsake for our daughters. This website is patterned in the vein of one of my dear friends and departed colleague's website, Patrick Byers. The exception is that it is written from the third person omniscient perspective rather than the third person limited, as in the case of Patrick's biographical website.

It is the heartfelt concern of Marcia and I that neither our voices grow faint nor our memory dims in the minds and hearts of our dear ones. Above all else, we want our daughters to truly appreciate that they were conceived out of a love that only grew stronger with the years under God’s loving guidance. 

Autumn has long been my favored season. Before long, our yearlings will leave the nest to venture southward in search of their dreams and desires. As we observe them testing their wings for their first flight, overwhelming sadness and concern has become our daily ritual. The unfathomable love that Marcy and I possess for each other is comforting during these times. We are truly eternally linked.

A poem by Robert Frost entitled, “Autumn” best describes the depth of our feelings and how we complement each other. I am like "the bare, the withered tree" and the "sodden pasture lane" that my first and only love "walks and loves". Truly, my darling Marcy has made our life together, “beautiful as days can be". -Larry Brian Binns


My sorrow, when she’s here with me,
Thinks these dark days of autumn rain,
Are beautiful as days can be;
She loves the bare, the withered tree;
She walks the sodden pasture lane.
-Robert Frost

Larry and Marcy 







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