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The years have quickly passed since the early morning of October 13, 1971 when a handsome, very talented, intelligent, exciting man romantically and eloquently asked me to be his lifelong companion. Here we are more than 45 years later, with a love that continues to grow deeper each day."

Memorable Music: My First Love (My Only Love)

While Larry needed to make major changes in his life Marcia has needed very little refinement and is essentially the same person that he met in '68. However, her UNCSA experience did take a toll on her spirituality, individuality, and perspective on life. She did not come away unscathed, untarnished, or unblemished. In all honesty, no one did in that atmosphere and environment.

Larry 2011

"Marcia was well prepared for any role in life, privately and professionally. She is a remarkable woman, wife, mother, and very loving grandmother.  Additionally, she is truly one of the most talented, intelligent, kind, graceful, patient, loyal, humble, and modest persons that I have encountered in my lifetime. Those qualities endeared me to her and were the reasons that I never gave up in pursuing her, despite the inward temptation to do so

It has truly been an honor to be loved by and married to her for nearly 45 years, and to have known her for more than 49 years. We complement each other well. Marcia desired a man who would love and adore her completely.  I needed a strong and honest woman who would stick by me, passionately love me, and patiently permit me to grow at my own pace. She has been that woman." -L. B. Binns

Nana and Papa Heart

Marcia's focus for nearly 43 years has involved being a faithful Christian, a deeply devoted wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, teacher, and friend. She limits her performances to weddings and anniversaries of special friends and relatives. Following the path of her deceased father, she also teaches piano and voice. Additionally, like her beloved mother who is also deceased, she recently retired after teaching for more than 26 years both privately and in the public school system.

Meredith and Ruben, Jr.

 They became parents for the first time more than a year after their marriage and are now parents to four beautiful daughters, ages 26, 32, 34 and 42 and one granddaughter, age 11, and a grandson nearly 6 months-old as of this entry. In 1971 Larry and Marcia mutually agreed to permit nothing to ever again interfere with their relationship. They continue to this day to protect, preserve, and nurture their love, honoring their vows and commitment.


Thus, they refrained from pursuing consuming careers that could jeopardize or interfere with what was most important to them; their love for God, each other, and family. This has not always been an easy endeavor. Nevertheless, they have no regrets. Marcia and Larry have been blessed to have experienced the height, depth, and breadth of love. They have shared a very unique and special relationship for nearly forty-nine years.


Their marriage of nearly 41 years has had its challenges due to their imperfection, the pressures of life, and the never-ending demands of parenthood. Yet, they have remained loyal and faithful to each other throughout and have never separated due to differences and difficulties. Both are very eager and quick to forgive each other for failures and shortcomings. They are best friends and comforters. They build each other up, rather than tear each other apart as do so many married couples today. What follows is what was written by Marcia to Larry in a note in 2013, for no special occasion:

“My Dearest…

You always have the way to dry my tears, make me smile, take away my sorrows, bring hope amidst sadness - one of many gifts that you possess. What would I do without your kindness and your tender affections? No matter what the situation or the obstacle, you make my world look just a little nicer and I am so grateful… I love you so.”

Recently, Marcia stepped in at the last minute to substitute for Larry (back surgery) at Huntington Middle School's 8th Grade Awards Assembly. It was quite apropos because 10 of the mentors and students are her piano and voice students at Huntington. They also surprised her with several awards, piano teacher and voice teacher of the year. The 5 year-old who was given awards is Marcia's and Larry's granddaughter, Nylah. She was assisted onstage by their youngest daughter and her aunt Meredith whom she calls "Meme".


The student that co-presented with Marcia and credited her with assisting him in being awarded a music scholarship to Norfolk State University as a music education major is shown below during his first year as one of her voice and piano students. He was a songwriting and theory student of Larry's and co-wrote the song entitled "Sooner or Later" performed on the video below:


 With regards to second chances, Marcia summed up both of their feelings on their 41st "engagement anniversary" on October 13th, 2012 when she wrote in a card to Larry:


Forty one years ago, I did not think that I could love you any more than I did then. I ached and longed for you every second that I was away from you. My thoughts were consumed by visions of your smiles, memories of your soft touches, sweet kisses, and loving words. How wrong was I! My love has grown stronger with each passing day with you. I continue to yearn for your tenderness, the sound of your voice, those loving glances when I am away from you. You gave us a second chance.... and I'm so grateful.

I love you so much,



 Larry could have given her the same card because it is the way he feels about her. Love and marriage are truly two precious gifts from God. Perhaps for them, after nearly 45 years of marriage, it seems that there are too many coincidences for it to be coincidental. 


 Larry received the most touching card from Marcy recently along with his favorite candy. There was no special occasion, no reason other than to say, "I Love You". The card reads:

"I had heard of 'soul mates' before, but I never knew such a person could exist - until I met you. Somehow, out of all the twists and turns our lives could have taken, and out of all the chances we might have missed, it almost seems like we were given a meant-to-be moment - to meet, to get to know one another, and to set the stage for a special togetherness.

When I am with you, I know that I am in the presence of someone who makes my life more complete than I ever dreamed it could be. I turn to you for trust, and you give it openly. I look for you for inspiration, for answers, and for encouragement, and - not only do you never let me down - you lift my spirits up and take my thoughts to places where my troubles seem much farther away and my joys feel like they're going to stay in my life forever

I hope you'll stay forever, too. I feel like you're my soul mate. And I want you to know that my world is reassured by you, my tomorrows need to have you near, so many of my smiles depend on you, and my heart is so thankful that you're here."
-Carey Martin


The magnet program was described in the Magnet Brochure (Larry and three of his students appear on page 2)

Magnet Brochure

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