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A Long Awaited Second Time Around

 Larry and Marcia in 1971

Memorable Music: Delfonics  (This song still moves Marcia to tears)

"This Delfonics 8 track song was playing in the car on their first date as they drove away from the campus."

Despite their expressed resolve, love's indomitable magnetism drew them together on the first day of school, September 13, 1971, when their eyes met and their hands touched for the first time in seven months. However, it was a day that began with immense apprehension and slight expectations. After registering for classes and taking his school ID photo, Larry sat down near a pillar and greeted acquaintances, always inquiring if they had seen Marcia on campus.

He had waited for several hours that morning for her to enter the Commons to register for class and was contemplating leaving. At last, as he scanned the tables aligning the length of the first floor he saw her elegant profile engaged in a discussion with the bursar, 

Larry stealthily approached her from behind, leaned over and placed his hands gently on her delicate shoulders merely to say hello and to tell her that he would telephone her later. As he did so, his senses reminded him of how wonderfully sweet-smelling and how smooth and soft her skin was as he gently grasped her shoulders.

As soon as she heard his sensuously deep and familiar voice whispering in her ear, Marcia immediately grasped hold of his wrist and held on to it while very gently leading him around to face her. She flashed an uniquely warm smile and then insisted that he wait for a few minutes as she finished registering, all the while never releasing her hold on him.

Larry was exhilarated by this gesture and her sui generis tender expression each time she momentarily looked at him during a lull in her discussion with the Bursar, unseen before this moment. He used this opportunity to absorb and admire her beauty. How deeply he regretted that pride, presumptuousness, and arrogance on his part had needlessly postponed this moment for an entire year!


"I recall glancing down at her lovely long, well manicured and polished nails, a slight pink. The softness of her hand encircling my wrist was especially hair raising and stimulating. Because of the intensity of this moment, her touch, I was unaware of the nature of the conversation that she was engaged in with the bursar.  

I must admit, I was spellbound as I focused my eyes on her lovely pink lips, captivating large eyes, her breathtaking dimples and facial profile as she spoke with flawless grammar in her naturally sensual voice.

The scent of her skin and the 'White Shoulders' perfume that she wore that day and the previous year still lingers on my mind today. As I leaned over her right shoulder to whisper "hello" into her ear, I was entranced with its aroma emanating from behind her ear and neck. 

She smelt like the white flowers; gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, lilac, lily and orris, from which it is based (She still keeps a small bottle on hand for me and special occasions such as our two anniversaries we commemorate each year, my marriage proposal and our wedding day).

Marcy was wearing an early seventies, stylishly short summer dress that revealed her superbly sculptured legs crafted by years of ballet and modern dance lessons since the age of five. Her bronze complexion was impeccable and the heat from the warmth of summer produced a natural moisturizer for her skin causing it to shimmer and glow. This was both visually appealing and enticing. Her hair was perfectly styled without a strand out of place.

To me, she was the supremacy of womanliness and feminine allurement ...the absolute perfect enchantress! Although I was wrestling with the urge not to stare (she disliked and felt uncomfortable being stared at), it was a futile attempt. I could not steer my eyes away and was fixated on her entirety as she sat with perfect posture, legs slightly crossed. I gazed her over from head to toe in wonderment and desire.

Patiently I waited for the time that I could be alone with her to express and display my admiration, esteem, and affection. After a few more exchanges of glances into each other's eyes, her heart stopping smiles, and amusing inaudible sighs and eye-rolling at the Bursar when he was not observing, finally their discussion was completed.

I neither felt inconvenienced nor annoyed in the least, just privileged to be in her presence for that time. It provided me with the opportunity to observe her and to rid myself of the nervousness that I initially experienced when I approached her. The intimacy of her holding my wrist to prevent me from leaving and her insistence that I wait was my compensation and my reward.

We engaged in small talk as she apologized for compelling me to wait and expressed frustration with the process of registration. I listened and consoled her as we instinctively began walking towards the outside steps of the Commons."

Once they were outside and removed from the crowd their eye contact became more intense. They stood facing each other, attempting to dissect with their eyes the other’s inner thoughts. Larry admiringly expressed how beautiful she was while fondling her hair and stroking her cheek. She expressed gratitude for his compliments.

Marcia's eyes beckoned him to make further overtures. Encouraged by her body language; the smiles, touching, the radiance in her eyes, he asked what plans she had for later that evening. Her swift response was, “none at all”. Larry then proceeded to ask permission to call on her later so that they could talk. She smiled and unhesitatingly responded “I would like that!”.


"Seeing Larry almost made my heart stop. I was filled with so much desire. I truly wanted to be with him and if given another opportunity I was determined to never let him go again. I had to let him know this…but with subtlety. My upbringing, to strive always to be a lady, would not permit me to say or do what my heart longed for. However, I hoped that he could see in my eyes, in my smile, that I very much desired to be with and get close to him like never before."

Next,  she requested Larry to escort her to her dorm. It was during their conversing and interactions that they both realized that they were not capable of maintaining their expressed earlier resolve during their telephone conversation two weeks earlier, "to be cordial and civil to each other, but completely focused and immersed in their craft."

In actuality, all that either of them could think about as they walked together was anticipating the moment that they would be in each other's embrace.





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