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Parents, Grandparents, and Marcia


This site is dedicated to the memories of the late Dr. Leon W. Binns: Musician, Physician, Father ... Friend. And to Evangeline Moore-Epps, devoted mother and teacher, and Clifton T. Epps. Marcia's love for music and varied gifts were all derived from her parents. This is the legacy that these three very gifted and intelligent individuals passed on to Larry and Marcia. Larry's mother, Anne B. Washington passed away in April, 2015. A special dedication to Larry's grandparents; Momee and Dadoo, who taught him the meaning of family, responsibility, and generosity. Although, each of these individuals on this page are asleep in death, with the exception of Marcia, they are never far from our memory as we await seeing them during the resurrection of the dead. -John 5:28-30


A strange phenomenon occurs as one grows older and becomes less dependent on others, the need to re-embrace family. Now that I have reached the autumn of my life, I often reflect on past relationships and seek serenity in reminiscence. Second to evoking memories about my Marcy, I derive immense joy and pleasure remembering special moments spent with my father, the sundry discussions and debates that we often engaged in.

Dad would quote Thoreau, a favorite of his, especially when I complained about situations that I had limited control over such as the weather. “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each”. I sorely miss him with each passing year. Since his death, his voice and familiar tone grows fainter and are only vaguely remembered and heard within the ears of my inner consciousness.

Yet, he lives through me, for in many respects I am my father. His endless quotes and time worn phrases are no longer a source of irritation. I now perceive the wisdom inherent in them and find myself quoting them to our four daughters and the joy of our advancing age, our granddaughter, Nylah.


Finally, "Mother Dear" and  "Grandma", Marcia's grandmothers. Also, to my "Grandma", Rebecca. They saw something very special in me when all others perhaps could not. Each loved and accepted me while I was still raw as a man and never prejudged. They played a vital role during the awakening of my spirituality and contributed to my becoming a spiritual man.


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