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"You are altogether beautiful, my beloved. There is no blemish in you. You have captured my heart, my sister, my bride, You have captured my heart with one glance of your eyes…” - Ecclesiastes 4:7,9

Two "September" Poems for "ME" (Marcia Epps)


Futile moments of being,

so devoid of luminosity,

seemed to be my path before I met you,

then we shared a stare, 

I sensed that I had perceived providence,

and inhaled the unsullied mood of love,

such relentless yearnings gripped my every vision,

and embraces my substance still,

dear, sweet, heart of a million longings,

how I need your presence to feel alive,

for to desire a tomorrow without you is unseemly,

a distortion of all that beckons reason and sensibility,

at least in my mind I cannot go forward,

without your pupils engulfed in mine,

for this love is of the purest sort,

infinitely present and all-encompassing,

truly obliged I am for each moment under your tender spell.


-Larry Brian Binns, September, 1971




I remember a sultry morning in June,

as yesterday's visions and scents,

a petite beauty of unclouded vitality,

blossoming amid summer thorns,

too innocent to impugn,

aloft sheer preeminence,

a sweet voiced tonality,

in pure loveliness adorned.

I remember my lonely hours of weakness,

those days of despair and no hope,

when troubles seemed as withered pastures,

beneath dim moon’s melting snows,

you taught me to look beyond that bleakness

gave me strength and courage to cope,

said joy was mine to recapture,

in streams where true love flows.

I remember how I’ve shed the tears,

of the weak and brokenhearted,

and sensed that incessant pain,

that seemed destined to never ease,

o' how you comforted all my fears,

and soon that pain departed,

soothing the daily strain,

causing all heartache to cease.


-Larry Brian Binns, September, 1971




Larry, this truly a wonderful site! I am enjoying everything you have here. Relay my love to Marcie. I miss you both! Tony Rollins

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