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The Aftermath of "I Do"

On October 13, 1971, Marcia and Larry chose love over everything else such as prestigious careers and educational pursuits when they became engaged. Initially, they planned to be married in December of that year. However, they changed their plans after deciding to refuse Larry's father's offer to pay for their college education if they remained in Winston-Salem and attended NCSA while residing with him, Larry's stepmother and two sisters.

Most individuals would have seized the opportunity but Marcia especially desired that they become independent as a married couple. Larry agreed and it was in all aspects the best decision. Thus, Larry began making arrangements to move to Virginia in the spring of 1972 to procure employment and an apartment. 

This was far enough away from parental influences but near enough for frequent visitations to her mother in Ahoskie, N. C, just a hour drive away. They both had grandparents and close relatives in Newport News, Hampton, and Norfolk, Virginia, just minutes away.

Overall when they reflect back, the only things that they would have done differently is delayed for four or five years before having children and perhaps completed their college education first. Larry's father always extended the offer to pay for them to complete their college education regardless of where they chose to attend. Initially, they were planning on taking a year break from college and then return to NCSA to complete their education. Also, his father never gave up his hope that Larry would ultimately become a medical doctor.

Although Marcia nor Larry believed in destiny or predestination, or the concept of God intentionally putting couples together through divine intervention; they are often baffled by the numerous circumstances and events that constantly kept them in each other’s lives. God created us as free moral agents. We all have the freedom of choice. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems their were to many coincidences for it to be mere coincidental. 









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