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July 1968 Until Forever



Memorable Music:  Frostiana (7 Songs)  Marcia and Larry were among those who performed and recorded a version of this beautiful piece at A&T in late July, 1968, Larry especially enjoyed  chorus, because it provided hours to glance back to observe Marcia.. Her girlfriends often informed her of Larry's amorous gazes. Occasionally their eyes locked in momentarily and their pupils would caress very softly... .like a gentle smile.

Larry's Journal Entry - Saturday, July 12, 1968, describing Marcia and his reflectons:

"She has an innocence, a truly pure and almost dove-like demeanor. Although quite beautiful she is somewhat child-like in appearance and far too cultured for a street-wise youth like me. It is exhilarating to gaze into her sad, soft, and shy eyes. Strangely, I experience an uneasy feeling whenever I am near her...pleasant, yet so unfamiliar. It is an insatiable yearning, a longing of such magnitude and intensity, which at times, I sense that it is improper. I am familiar with infatuation, but this is so very different. It is a soothing, calming, and gentle emotion in some ways. Yet, explosive like a million fireworks, an unrelenting breathlessness that always leaves me gasping and desiring more. She is an addiction that I long for daily." 


 This photo was taken at A&T in July. 1968.. Most of the students who attended the Summer Music Institute were present. The exceptions were Marcia and several of her girlfriends who were out shopping for dresses for a formal dance that night.


"Marcia would often glance across from her table of six or seven young “ladies” in response to loud laughter emanating from the popular table of thirty or more male and female institute students. Larry’s boisterous joking and laughter could be heard above all others. She was mildly perturbed but immensely curious and desirous of being seated among the students across the room who seemed to be having so much fun during mealtimes.
Similarly, Larry would often gaze across to observe Marcia. His persistent teasing of her was because he was attracted to her natural and unenhanced beauty, gentle and caring disposition, lady-like deportment and overall elegance and classiness. There was a mutual allurement that commenced on the first day of classes when they were scanning the throng of students awaiting entrance into the main music building on campus.
They did not pursue or express their interest to others because of different reasons. Marcia thought that Larry was really cute but very silly and had heard from the other girls that he was already seeing one of the girls in her dom. Larry’s impression and that of the older guys in his dorm was that she was uniquely angelic but too young, perhaps only twelve or thirteen judging by her petite stature and the absence of makeup. They were both misled by their own perceptions as well as the assessments and the information that they received from others."



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