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September 17, 1971 - "Love At Last"



The next night they did not go out, because it was Friday and Larry had a gig. However, the following Saturday morning they had a brief disagreement about certain expectations concerning their relationship that had not been adequately discussed.

Circumstances unfolded rapidly that made it necessary to have a very serious discussion about where their relationship was headed. This occurred after a mere three dates and five days after the beginning of school in the fall of '71 in Marcia's dorm room as Larry was preparing to leave for an overnight road gig. 

It commenced with a very calm discussion but rather swiftly evolved into an emotional and tearful unveiling of the extent of their feelings for each other while analyzing a variety of issues that had been obstacles in the past.

At a very critical juncture Marcia began to cry uncontrollably and Larry's initial efforts to console her were ineffective. 


"I went over and sat on the side of her bed and took Marcia into my arms. She immediately threw her arms around my neck and pressed against me so hard that I could feel her heart rapidly pounding inside of me. I did not know what to do except to hold her securely and stroke her back ever so gently. I sensed an overwhelming emotional turmoil struggling inside of her for release. It was the first time that I had ever seen her cry.
Marcia regained a measure of composure. Then, with her sweet and soft lips quivering and eyes swollen with tears she looked deep into my eyes and confessed:

'Larry, I love you so very much and have felt this way for so long. I just needed more time to be absolutely certain about your feelings as well as mine before I admitted it to you. I am so sorry that I did not tell you before now.'

I was overjoyed and relieved by her admission and could only respond by asking, 'Do you realize how long I have waited to hear you say those words and truly mean it?'
I continued holding and comforting her until she calmed down and then gently laid her pretty head on the pillow, kissed her several times, and asked her to try to get some sleep. She was emotionally exhausted at this point and I had to meet with the band to travel to South Carolina for a performance.
She pleaded with me not to leave her. I gently stroked her face and kissed the tears from her eyes but tenderly reminded her that I had to fulfill my performance contract and commitment to the band. I promised to call her later when we had finished the gig and was back at the hotel, after assuring her that we will always be together, forever. She held on to me tightly and tenderly and lovingly asked, 'You promise?' I promised her that nothing would ever separate us again
I finally called at 1 A.M. Sunday morning and we expressed our love for each other repeatedly. At some point she heard a lot of laughing and commotion and inquired who was in my hotel room. To ease her mind I introduced her to the source of the noise, four of the guys in the band who were close friends.
Marcia spoke to each of them for a moment and they assured her that I was conducting myself like a man who was devoted to only one woman. We concluded the call with more expressions of love and eager anticipation of seeing each other the next day when I returned to Winston-Salem."
 The next day when Larry returned from his gig they continued their heart-to-heart talk at his home. During this discussion they committed to dating exclusively and established guidelines and expectations which included informing potential and former suitors and girlfriends in some cases of their new status.

They were no longer available and these individuals were requested to discard their telephone numbers and addresses because they would not be accepting telephone calls, letters, or visits. It was easier for Larry because he had recently moved and their telephone number was now unpublished and unlisted.

Furthermore, Marcia admitted to Larry that his sincerity, the return of the warmth in his eyes and smile had removed most lingering concerns. However, his finally permitting her entrance into his world was crucial in alleviating all concerns. 

Especially important was Larry's efforts to officially introduce her to his immediate family and allowing her to spend significant time with them was crucial to convincing her that he was genuine in his expressions of love. The discussion that she had with Stephoney was key in removing any doubts from her mind. They informed Larry's family that they were exclusively dating and everyone was elated.

Marcia also informed Larry that the first question that Stephoney asked her was how did she feel about him. It was a sisterly concern that prompted her to speak to Marcia. She did not want to see Larry hurt or disappointed. Obviously, she was very pleased with Marcia's response and was confident that they would stay together this second time around. 

In a short time they became the best of friends and remained such until her death some years ago. Larry's brother, Carlton, was his Best Man and Stephoney was one of Marcia's bridesmaids when they were married eleven months later. It was amazing how quickly their relationship had changed. 

When Kay was told by Marcia several days later that we were dating again, she simply stated, "Well, it's about time!" Luke inquired, "Will you come out of your cave now?” He was referring to Larry's hermit-like solitary existence that summer.

Marcia and Larry were elated and the happiest they had ever been in their lives and from that moment have never been apart. They concur that the trials and difficulties of the previous year taught them to never take each other for granted and to always seize the moment. One can never know if life will give you another opportunity to look into the eyes of a loved one to tell them how much you truly care.


"A few weeks before the start of school and just days before my eighteenth birthday in September 1971, something very wonderful happened. Larry gave me the greatest gift of all when he finally called to return his heart to me and uttered the early morning words, I Love You."  

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